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Residential Moving

Dasambi movers provide an affordable residential moving service. Moving a household requires time, planning and organization why not let Dasambi movers take care of all details? Our organized and efficient relocation consultants have experience in relocating households of every size.

Office Moving

Is your company planning to move? Planning and management are two of the most important aspects of an office move. Our experience has shown that having a dedicated office moving specialist as well as an office moving team has served our customers well as we assist you in all aspects of your move.

Moving tips

1. Use professional packing materials as these will save time and ensure the safety of your goods.</p> <p>2. Make sure that all cartons are strapped securely; top and bottom. Use carton sealing tape and not masking tape or duct tape.</p> <p>3. Label all fragile boxes as fragile.</p> <p>

Moving can't be easier than this

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House Relocation

Enjoy an outstanding home service in a door to door, floor to floor, apartment to apartment, street to street, estate to estate, county to county moves within the borders from studios to mansions. We have a stress free moving process where we take you through a pre-assessment to ensure you are equipped with the right information concerning the movement. We all like to know that our goods are secure in every step, thus we ensure that your goods stay clean, safe and secure. We pack carefully; room by room, item by item and use the best packing material to ensure the goods reach the destination. How about us reconnecting your electricals including your entertainment devices? Yes we do

Why US

Dasambi movers have the right choice for you for the following reasons: We are affordable and trustworthy, After the onsite binding that will address all your relocation needs (email or call us to verify the minimum requirement for this service), A customized relocation plan to fit your company needs and budget, Honest, experienced and reliable staff, Special handling of computers, printers and office sensitive equipment, Dismantling & re-assembling of all items ( Our staff supplies all tools), Protection against facility damage including Masonite covering to protect carpets and floors and moving blankets to protect furnishings, Air suspension trucks and equipment specifically designed for commercial moves

Office Relocation

Are you shifting to a new environment? Well, management and planning is key to moving into a new place. Office moving is a critical move that requires absolute carefulness. Your company or office is your place of generating wealth, thus you need a specialist who is able to take care of your office belongings without losing any of your files or other important details which cannot be replaced. Dasambi movers are ready to see you through the shift process with care as you take your business to the next level of greatness

Some words about us

  • We are a quality Driven Company providing Comprehensive moving solutions on affordable rates. Your trustworthy, Professional and dependable moving partner. Dasambi Movers was founded with the vision that moving can be a relaxing and interesting experience.We will move you locally and across borders.


  • We are dedicated to providing efficient moving solutions that combine quality and professionalism with value pricing while maintaining a customer-driven entity in partnership with our customers

Our Core Values

  • we operate in honesty and dignity
  • we are committed to the satisfaction of every client
  • we are driven by quality and excellence in all aspects of the business

Deliver around the country

Whether it’s commercial or Residential, we provide professional and dependable services that are efficient and flexible. We take pride in our dedication to leaving customers satisfied. We are the best KENYAN moving company.

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