"The art of moving since 2009"

Why US

How we are different (Why Us)

  • Our employees

Your personal things are very dear to us, so the thought of sending a complete stranger to you makes us feel uncertain.  This is because we believe you need a trustworthy person in this important transition phase. Here in Dasambi movers, we are a family, our staff is highly trained to ensure your transition is excellent. Therefore, be sure that our client will be honest, accurate and professional.

  • We show up

Some companies have had the tendency of picking jobs and then canceling the last minute due to offloading. Our loyalty as a company is vital to us because Dasambi movers will only schedule a move that we are 100% sure we will fulfill. This means, if you schedule with us we will show up!

  • We intentionally take care of your things

Most of the times in moving transitions people tend to lose or break their stuff in the process. We promise to take care of your personal items like our own. We ensure our staff handles every item with maximum care to avoid loss or breakage.

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